During such difficult moments, our human, technical and administrative infrastructure allows us to offer a comprehensive service without the family members having to worry about any procedure.

We are with you at every step of the way, advising, solving and organizing all the necessary aspects during and after the service in a personalized, humane and discreet manner. An agent will assist you and move as quickly as possible to meet your request anywhere in Mallorca; hospital, residence, etc. with just a simple call,365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

At Grup Muntaner Ribot we are open to hearing your suggestions, proposals or complaints with the purpose of improving our service.

Cementary management

Grup Muntaner Ribot is the first and only private company in Mallorca that manages municipal cemeteries under administrative concessions in a comprehensive way, that is, maintenance of the cemetery, administration and management of burials, exhumations, rental and purchase of niches, etc.

We take care of the management of the Artà, Colònia de Sant Pere, Son Servera and Capdepera cemeteries.

  • Clear and detailed quotes
  • Coffins selection and service
  • Processing of documents: death certificates, juducial permits, health permits, burial licenses, burial / exhumation permits, payment of municipal fees, etc.
  • Conditioning of the deceased; thanatoesthetics and thanatopraxy
  • Transport; national and international transfers
  • Legal removal of the corpse
  • Burials, exhumations, reductions and cremations of remains
  • Cremation and urns (own service)
  • Preparation of tombstones, enameled photographs, vases and shelves.
  • Floral offerings (wreaths and bouquets).
  • Obituaries and cast.
  • Reminders.
  • Coordination of religious ceremonies.
  • Airport collection service.
  • Management of niches; rental or purchase.
  • We perform all insurance company services.