In 1955, Mr Juan Muntaner Cañellas founded the company called Pompas Fúnebres Muntaner in the towns of Capdepera and Cala Rajada, which provided funeral services and exclusive funeral insurance. It is the oldest funeral company in the eastern region and one of the oldest on the Island of Mallorca.

With the passage of time, the company was passed on from father to son and that is when Antonio Juan Muntaner Pomar becomes head of the society.

In 1989, the company acquired the Artà funeral home, run by Mr Antoni Ginard Cantó and began providing services in the two neighbouring municipalities, as a result of which, the number of employees increased.

In October 1994, Pompas Fúnebres Muntaner became Grup Muntaner Ribot, S.L. thus continuing the family business.

A year later, with a public deed of corporate agreements, the management of public and/or private cemeteries and providing administrative, burial, exhumation, and maintenance services was added to the services offered.

In 1999, through a public tender and in plenary session in the City of Artà, Grup Muntaner Ribot S.L. was awarded the funeral services, maintenance, and management of the cemeteries in the Municipalities of Artá and Colònia de Sant Pere. Six months later we are awarded the concession once again, which remains to this day.

It is now ten years that we have been providing funeral services in the Municipality of Son Servera and collaborating selflessly with the City council in the burials and exhumations in the Municipal Cemetery. In March 2011, the concession was fully approved as well as the management and maintenance of the Municipal Cemetery of Son Servera, being awarded us through public tender.

During this time, the company has been evolving and growing and is now present in three municipalities in the eastern region of Mallorca. The experience has taught us about the funeral customs of each locality as well as cultural differences due to the significant percentage of foreign residents in these municipalities. This has allowed for the continuity of a family nature as a third generation is integrated.

Integral policy

Grup Muntaner Ribot has more than 60 years professional funeral services experience, and in fact, it is the oldest funeral company in the Llevant region. We have always strived to give the best possible support to people during such sensitive moments. Now, we want to go a step further and publicly commit to the environment while maintaining quality through the implementation of an integral management system, certified in accordance with international ISO standards 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004.

Specifically, at Grup Muntaner Ribot we are committed to:

  • Offering spacialised funeral services through our qualified staff, who are prepared to meet the needs of our clients, 24 hours a day.
  • Serving our clients with sensitivity, seriousness and respect as well as standing by you through all the process during these difficult times.
  • Managing the cemeteries we have in an efficient way, to achieve the maximum satisfaction of both the municipal authorities and the families of the deceased as well as visitors.
  • Complying with regulations and current legislative provisions applicable to our field of work as well as other commitments we have willingly signed.
  • Ensuring continuous training and the commitment of our employees, since we are aware that the success of our services depends largely on their work.
  • Contributing to the protection of the environment by making good use of available resources and paying special attention to the correct management of waste, applying environmental sustainability criteria in the supply of materials and the identification and prevention of possible polluting actions that may arise from our activity.
  • Improving our management skills continuously, both in quality and with regards to the environment via objectives programmes, indicators, internal audits and annual reviews of the effectiveness of the system we use.
For all the reasons stated above, the management of the Muntaner-Ribot Group has developed this Integral Policy, which is readily available to the public and has been provided and explained to the employess and will be updated and reviewed on a regular basis.