Get to know what insurance services we offer

At Grup Muntaner Ribot,
We offer different types of insurance; Automobile insurance (cars, vans, motorcycles, trucks, etc), Home, Communities, Health, Decease, Travel, Civil Liability, Boats, Pets, Hunting, etc. all of the highest standards.

We give you advice on the most suitable one for you. Our policies are personalized, in other words, you hire only what you really need and want to pay for.

As we are a funeral company, we have first-hand knowledge as specialists in the field. We were the first to offer this product in the Municipality starting in 1955; over 60 years’ experience are our guarantee, and that allows us to advise our clients on the insurance that best suits their needs. Today, the funeral market has a variety of offers, so we can guide you on the different options that are available.

You can request a budget without any obligation by calling 971 563 096, or email us at or by visiting any of our offices.